Abaut brings Embedded Systems, IoT and Smart Data to the mining, construction and craft industries. We develop intelligent systems to aid the entire construction value chain – from the mining of raw materials, construction, operation and production, to the final functioning of a building. Our intelligent systems automate your construction processes, analyse the data and generate unique information for your work sites.

With our intelligent systems, we get you geared up for the Building Information Modelling Age and offer you that extra advantage of automation

When it comes to redesigning the future of construction, user experience comes first. We have witnessed first hand the challenges posed by a construction site and our team of experts have designed and created solutions that will simplify complexity, save time and lower costs.

Reduce complexity and convolution. Simplicity is our solution. We have pioneered ways to generate detailed and real-time site information for the mobility of tomorrow to keep you, your personnel and everyone in the area safe.

Advancements in technology and data science offer new opportunities for you to become more efficient, profitable and successful. You need a partner who will help you manoeuvre through this unfamiliar virtual landscape, address your challenges and offer unique solutions that will maximize the value of your data.

Our experts have developed several prototypes of sensors that will help make the autonomously operated quarry come true. The process begins with the simple observation of what our customers need, to full scale models which are presented to our stakeholders for further feedback, improvement and development.

As costs of technology infrastructure reduce, the connectivity between the work force and machinery has improved and this opens up new realms of possibilities. We believe that the benefits of smart data and analytics should be available and attainable to all.

At abaut, experienced experts from the field of construction, mining, embedded systems and artificial intelligence work hand in hand

We offer cutting edge solutions


Cost advantage

Reduce your costs with abaut. By gaining previously unknown information and insights, you can react to events at an early stage and thus generate cost advantages.

Information advantage

Discover the possibilities of data analysis. With abaut you generate automated knowledge, which supports you in strategic decisions and the control of operational processes. Recognize opportunities and risks at an early stage.


We have the industry knowledge and technology expertise. Convince yourself of our innovative solutions. With us at your side you are technologically always a step ahead of your competition.


Benefit from the analyzes of our applications. Identify weaknesses in your processes and control them. Increase the efficiency of your construction sites with our intelligent solutions.

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